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Katie Porter Votes Against National Defense Authorization Act

The congresswoman voted “No” on the NDAA which functions as congress’s yearly shaping technique for the Department of Defense.

Rep. Katie Porter recently voted against the National Defense Authorization Act, which included $300 million in defense spending for Ukraine. 

The National Defense Authorization Act is the title for a series of federal laws that specify the annual budget and expenditures for the U.S Department of Defense. It is one of two yearly bills overseen by congress that form the DOD’s budget with the other being defense appropriation bills. The authorization bill determines agencies responsible for defense, establishes recommended funding levels, and sets certain policies regarding the department of defense.

Katie Porter, the US representative from California’s 45th congressional district, voted “No” on the National Defense Authorization Act for the 2022 fiscal year. 

“I opposed the 2022 NDAA because I refuse to rubber stamp waste, fraud, and abuse at any level of government. I will continue fighting for accountability at the Pentagon and the robust Congressional oversight of the military that the Constitution requires,” she said in a statement. She also expressed her opposition to the NDAA along with her strong stance on accountability from the Department of Defense. 

Despite Porter securing eight amendments passed by the senate, she still opposed the NDAA. These amendments included multiple proposals to increase accountability at the Pentagon and were accepted on a bipartisan basis. 

Despite her vote against it, the bipartisan bill still passed with an 84 percent majority in congress.

Porter’s vote against the NDAA for the 2022 fiscal year may be a repeat vote in the future as she continues to express her concern for accountability in our government and Department of Defense. 

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