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Congressional Candidate Scott Baugh Takes a Stand Against California’s Housing Crisis

The candidate says California needs to make home-ownership more attainable, not less.

Congressional candidate Scott Baugh has cast a spotlight on the severe housing crisis in California, attributing it to flawed government policies. 

“Skyrocketing housing prices in California have hit a crisis point, and it’s clear government policies are to blame,” Baugh asserted, pinpointing excessive regulations, astronomical taxes, and a poor response to inflation as the primary culprits behind this alarming trend.

Baugh passionately argues that the crisis is much more than a set of distressing statistics; it strikes at the core of the American Dream. “It’s more than just numbers; it’s about the American Dream slipping away,” he stated, emphasizing the particularly harsh impact on families and first-time homebuyers.

Offering solutions, Baugh called for significant policy reform. “We need to cut red tape, ease the tax burden, and tackle inflation head-on to make housing affordable again,” he proposed. These measures, he believes, are key to reversing the current trend and restoring the feasibility of home ownership in California.

Baugh said he envisions a California where owning a home is not a far-fetched dream but an attainable reality. “I want a California where people can afford a home without leaving their home state,” he remarked, reflecting his commitment to addressing this pressing issue. 

As California grapples with its housing crisis, Baugh’s comments contribute a critical perspective to the debate on the impact of government policies on the real estate market. His advocacy for policy changes is part of a larger discussion about finding the right balance between regulation and ensuring an affordable housing market that aligns with the American dream.

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