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Costa Mesa Council Candidate John Thomas Patton Shares Opinion on the “Dangers” of Measure K

Unregulated growth and gentrification of Hispanic areas are some of the concerns when voters are removed from the approval process.

John Thomas Patton is sounding the warning on the dangers of Measure K. On the ballot for City Council in November, he is a financial advisor, former U.S. Army communications specialist, and small business owner.

Patton’s decision to run came after his interaction with a homeless woman when he realized the future of the city, and its quality of life, had to be guided and safeguarded with not just empathy, but plans that address root causes. The city council’s solution for people like the woman he encountered, was to offer a renovated hotel room. Without the collaboration with organizations that know how to address homelessness and mental illness, it’s not a solution, “It’s a death sentence,” Patton stated.

Proponents of Measure K say there’s a housing crisis in Costa Mesa that can be resolved by returning the decision-making power to the city council. Measure K removes the voting requirement of residents for large building projects and high-density housing which opens the door to developers to proceed without voter approval. Patton is concerned about unregulated growth without a firm assurance of affordable housing if the measure is passed.

He also fears its impact on existing communities. “This will gentrify District 4, and most of the Hispanic community will not be able to afford to live in that area,” he said.

The city council voted to put the measure on the ballot in a drafted ordinance that was created after one city council meeting. The public disclosure of the proposed ballot measure came four days before the city council met. In the end the ballot passed the city council’s vote and is now a measure on the general election ballot.

“This came just after they rezoned the city for 11,760 new apartments, that’s 31,000 new residents in a city of 110,000,” Patton said. “Instead of removing your rights, we need a resident-driven plan for new homes and communities. The process must be carried out in a transparent and collaborative manner.”

What are your thoughts on Measure K?

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