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Robert Dickson Runs for Costa Mesa City Council District 5 Seat

“We’re literally talking about the future of our neighborhoods..” says Dickson.

Robert Dickson is throwing his hat in the Nov 8 race for Costa Mesa City Council. He believes the council has become too partisan.

Robert Dickson wants to bring diversity of thought to Costa Mesa City Council.

With six out of the seven member council, all identifying as Democrats, Dickson, who is one of two candidates running for District 5, noticed that no one with his political perspective was stepping up to challenge for councilmember in the upcoming elections.

“Nobody stepped up, nobody was identified, nobody was even expressing interest. And so, I felt that I was the best person to do that,” Dickson said.

This would not be the first time Dickson would serve the city if he wins the election. Dickson was on Costa Mesa’s planning commission for six years having been appointed by the city council. Two of those years he was chairman. Dickson is a senior paralegal with an emphasis in environment and land issues and a 27-year land use and planning professional.

Dickson plans to “Collaboratively develop realistic strategies for addressing our affordable housing and homeless issues,” if elected.

With his background in city planning, Dickson would like to help the city formulate solutions to the challenges facing Costa Mesa. Homelessness he sees as more than just a housing problem. The city cannot build its way out of the problem without addressing the root causes such as drug addiction and mental health.

These human problems affect the city in wider ways than just homelessness. Auto break-ins, bicycle theft and rising, unrestricted drug use are some of the issues residents have expressed as concerns.

Dickson believes that he can ‘maintain and enhance our quality of life with “citizen driven” plans for common sense growth.’

With Measure K on the ballot possibly limiting the opinion of voters on major construction, Dickson promises to “Protect your right to decide the future of your community.”

State mandates that demand city councils find areas and develop plans for high density housing in all counties can infringe on plans and measures already adopted by city councils and voters. Dickson criticized the Costa Mesa City Council for not pushing back as other Orange County councils have done.

“We’re literally talking about the future of our neighborhoods, and so I think it’s really an important issue that the city council has shown no leadership on,” he noted.

Dickson lives in Costa Mesa with his wife Jennifer and two young children. “We love our neighborhoods, schools, parks and city but see special interests and Sacramento politicians threatening the quality of our community,” he says.

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