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Rep. Katie Porter Attends Event Despite Having COVID, Fires Staffer for Failure to Follow Safety Procedures

“I cannot allow you back in the office, given your failure to follow office policies,” Porter wrote via text message. 

Rep. Katie Porter recently fired a staff member by text message, for “failure to follow office policies” after the staffer contracted COVID. 

The messages leading up to, and since the firing, recently appeared on Twitter. They revealed that an employee named “Sasha” came into contact with Porter after having contracted COVID, and exposed Porter who later tested positive for the virus.

“I cannot allow you back in the office, given your failure to follow office policies,” Porter said. “Cody will be in touch about having your personal effects shipped or delivered to your home, and I will lay out your remote work schedule and responsibilities for your last few weeks.” 

The staffer apologized profusely, but it did not appear to change the Congresswoman’s mind. “I’m terribly sorry. You’re right I should have done better. Just because I felt okay in the moment doesn’t mean that I was.” she stated. 

According to the text message exchange, the staffer showed up to the office when she was symptom-less, and was unaware she had the virus. 

The Twitter post with the messages also revealed that Porter, after becoming aware she was exposed to COVID, did not follow safety procedures and attended a caucus meeting in person. At the meeting, protocols were not followed and speakers removed their masks to speak.

Caucus Chair Amar Shergill informed attendees after the event that Porter tested positive for COVID and urged those who engaged with Porter to test and take “appropriate precautions.”

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