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New Petition Strives to have Costa Mesa Tennis Center Renovated

Revitalizing Costa Mesa Tennis Center: A Community’s Plea to Modernize the Heart of Tennis.

Costa Mesa, CA – Nestled near the picturesque TeWinkle Park and operated by the Costa Mesa Recreation Division of the Parks and Community Services Department, the Costa Mesa Tennis Center stands as a vital pillar in the community. Recognized as one of three distinguished community centers overseen by the department, it has earned a reputation for providing exceptional coaching and unparalleled opportunities to cultivate a love for the sport of tennis.

While the center has been a cherished destination for players and enthusiasts alike, it is now in dire need of upgrades. Recognizing this, We Are Costa Mesa, a devoted group of community members, has launched a campaign to revitalize the facilities and elevate the overall tennis experience. Their impassioned plea urges the Costa Mesa City Council to prioritize the center as part of the forthcoming 2023-24 Capital Improvement Programs (CIP).

Drawing a multitude of young talents from neighboring cities, the Costa Mesa Tennis Center serves as the official training grounds for the Southern California Tennis Association’s most promising youth players. Not only do these future stars practice and compete here, but the center also hosts competitive tennis leagues, catering to intermediate and advanced players seeking thrilling matchups and spirited camaraderie.

Reflecting on the center’s amenities, Yelp reviewer Mitch W shares, “There are 12 lighted tennis courts.  I’ve played on the Costa Mesa tennis courts about 20 times and the courts are medium-fast.  It has been a long time since the courts have been resurfaced.  In the afternoons, there are lots of shadows on many of the courts.”

We Are Costa Mesa envisions a revitalized center that encompasses various improvements. Chief among them are resurfaced courts, the installation of new nets and wind screens, LED lighting for enhanced visibility, the addition of a state-of-the-art clubhouse, and an upgraded spectator viewing area. This ambitious plan, estimated to cost around $1 million, aims to transform the Costa Mesa Tennis Center into a world-class facility worthy of admiration.

Recognizing the significance of this endeavor, the Costa Mesa CIP fund, with an estimated budget of $290 million designated for infrastructure needs and public facility improvements, holds the key to realizing this vision.

We Are Costa Mesa passionately asserts that the renovation of the Costa Mesa Tennis Center will bring forth numerous benefits. Not only will it enhance the city’s image, attracting residents, visitors, and investors to a vibrant community, but it will also serve as a magnet for tournaments and events, boosting the local economy while showcasing the city’s prowess. Furthermore, it will foster connections among community members, providing a welcoming gathering place for individuals from diverse backgrounds. Lastly, the revitalization will promote active lifestyles, contributing to the physical fitness and overall well-being of Costa Mesa’s residents.

At the helm of the center’s operations is head instructor Hank Lloyd, a revered figure in the tennis world. Under his guidance, the full-service pro shop offers a comprehensive selection of gear and accessories, along with racket stringing services, ensuring that players have access to top-quality equipment and personalized assistance.

Operating seven days a week, the Costa Mesa Tennis Center caters to individuals of all ages and skill levels, offering both group and private lessons. These sessions are led by professional tennis players certified by the esteemed United States Professional Tennis Association. From beginners to seasoned players, the center’s training programs cater to all, starting from four years of age and above.

Robert P., a long-standing patron of the Costa Mesa Tennis Center, enthuses,“I have been patronizing the CM Tennis Center for many years and now my son is taking lessons there and playing on their team,” he said.  “This is easily the most fun place to be involved in tennis due to Hank and the coaches there.” 

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