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Southern California Law Enforcement Agencies Receive $270M Grant to Combat Organized Retail Crime

Millions in grant money are being awarded to law enforcement agencies in Southern California to combat organized retail crime, the largest-ever investment of its kind in the state. The Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) has unanimously approved grants totaling nearly $270 million for 38 agencies and 13 district attorney offices across California.

Theft incidents, which are becoming more common and organized, have prompted this significant investment. The Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will each receive a substantial sum of $15,650,000. The grant period will span three years, with operations commencing on October 1.

Various other law enforcement agencies in Southern California will also benefit from this funding. The Anaheim Police Department will receive $6,104,863, while the Beverly Hills Police Department and Brea Police Department will receive $4,534,580 and $5,941,357, respectively. The Costa Mesa Police Department will obtain $3,518,133, followed by the Garden Grove Police Department with $1,302,231. The Hemet Police Department and Irvine Police Department will receive $2,500,065 and $5,403,369, respectively. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department will be granted $15,127,350. Rounding out the list, the Palm Springs Police Department will receive $4,559,233, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office will get $2,219,710, the San Fernando Police Department will obtain $494,964, the Santa Monica Police Department will receive $6,125,000, and the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office will be granted $15,560,000.

The funds allocated by the BSCC will contribute to the implementation of various crime-fighting programs. These programs will involve activities such as data sharing, surveillance operations, and the use of license plate trackers, as stated by the BSCC. The goal is to enhance the ability of law enforcement agencies to effectively address and reduce organized retail crime.

Governor Gavin Newsom is scheduled to address the state’s efforts to combat retail theft on Friday morning. He has pledged an increase in takedowns, heightened police presence, more arrests, and enhanced felony prosecutions to further deter and combat retail theft.

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