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Costa Mesa Faces Crime Surge: Local Group Takes Action

Community mobilizes to combat rising theft and violence.

Costa Mesa, renowned for its thriving community spirit, finds itself grappling with an escalating crime wave that has left residents startled. FBI data from 2022 unveils a disconcerting picture, positioning the city among the most dangerous in the nation, surpassing 95% of U.S. cities in crime rates.

The statistics paint a grim portrait: both violent crime and property crimes have doubled the national average, putting residents at a concerning one in 25 chance of encountering such offenses. Particularly troubling is the surge in motor vehicle thefts, registering a staggering 3.52 times above the national norm.

In a striking example of the escalating crime, a brazen theft unfolded at South Coast Plaza’s Gucci store in August. A mob-style group made off with $100,000 worth of designer handbags in broad daylight. Moreover, the community was rattled just this week when police responded to counterfeit bomb threats at two elementary schools, necessitating swift evacuations.

In response to these alarming trends, the local community group, We Are Costa Mesa, is springing into action. This Saturday, November 4th, they will host a door-knocking event aimed at raising awareness regarding the surging crime rates. The initiative underscores a determined effort to empower residents and foster a sense of security amidst these challenging times. Interested individuals are encouraged to participate and can sign up to join the cause.

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